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Til alle jentene i forumet
« på: Oktober 02, 2017, 13:42:13 pm »
Hei alle sammen!

I hope you don't mind if I write in english because my norsk is not so good.

I have a couple of doubts since I am in norway about norwegian girls,Yes it's allways about girls...
The thing is, I've never play games in my life, for me has allways been easy and natural to walk to a girl,start to get to know her, talk to her and take her to an instant date or set up a date for other day , but since I came to norway I understod that things works different here, specially the social interactions.

At the university for example, I am sitting in a table doing my stuff and there is a couple of girls I find them allways everywhere, if I am in the bus, I find them ,in the trening center,in kiwi, whereever they are just everywhere, no matter where I am sitting , at some point I put my head up and I see them, they are just doing their stuff, so one day I started to think that "maybe" they were interested in getting to know me, so I just walked up to one and introduce myself, I tried to be a bit subtle of course, and I asked something just to try to start a conversation been nice and social, but her face was like:  :o What are you doing talking to me?!! Don't you know that we don't like to talk with foreiners?
Seriously, that was the worst rejection face I've ever seen, a girl that is allways everywhere around me. And she act as she didn't know I exist?
I don't know here in norway, but from where I came once you cross paths with someone 3/4 times you just say hy in a way to be polite.
Anyway this is not finish here after that, she was even much more around me, at some point she start to "hilse på meg" in a really subtle way, but been honest I was scared as hell, actually not scared, disappointed she had been very rude and unfriendly I did not want to know anything about her, as soon as she came to a place I simply walk away and found her again somewhere else.

Until the nigth I found her outside saturday in a party, then she was extremly nice, we had a short conversation but at some point she just run away, literally, from a nice conversation to run for no reason, and I haven't see her again anywhere, a beautiful and nice girl I saw her everyday, everywhere and at the moment I tought we could start something she just dissapear.

I understand that you are a bit more shy and feel more judged by society and for your own friends,and that's why you keep distance with strangers but I haven't kill anyone yet...

I've been dating a couple of norwegians girls,and they are actually cool, hot and charming, that's the reason I want to understand a bit more about how your perfect relationship must be, so if you have any tip, opinion or similar experience will be cool to read about it.

Thanks to everyone who toke time just to read it

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Sv: Til alle jentene i forumet
« Svar #1 på: Oktober 17, 2017, 10:45:10 am »
There's a lot of cultural differences going on here. Learn about it from a norwegian friend. Preferably someone who has a minimum experience with girls.

In Norway it is not normal to walk up to a girl during the day. When you do that many girls will find the pressure to big to handle and freeze. It is easier to get you to leave than to let you stay and talk to you, even though she finds you attractive.

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Sv: Til alle jentene i forumet
« Svar #2 på: Oktober 17, 2017, 14:46:47 pm »
Unless you haven't; read the social guidebook to Norway. A lot of cultural misunderstandings here, and beware that even Oslo is so small that you will see the same people several times, without it meaning anything else than that you happend to be at the same places at the same time..

And remember; norwegians don't talk to people they dont know, even if they see them every day ;)

I think you would benefit a lot from the classes GV has to offer :)

I don't know where you are from, but I find men from other cultures very pushy and intimidating, and some even posessive, so i am not comfortable dating them at all..